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Spaces, Things & Sometimes People | Creative Concept, Stylist & Photography

Service | Product Photography

Great product photography is a vital part of your marketing campaign, big or small! The quality of your product imagery directly impacts a potential customer’s opinion of the quality of your product, and is not something that should be skimped on (quality wise). Little White Lies has a passion for understanding their clients brand and story, to deliver engaging and aspirational imagery for clients to use across their marketing platforms to increase brand awareness and sales. Whether you require clean product photography or styled imagery, Little White Lies can taylor their services to meet your needs. Sometimes, when you’ve been working so closely on a brand and it’s marketing you can get a little overwhelmed on what direction to take. We’re here to offer a creative but considered ideas from an fresh perspective, and are happy to offer expert opinion if you’re feeling a little lost on what is going to be the best solution for your project.

Service | Interior & Architectural Photography

The places we live, the place we work, and the places we play. There’s so much consideration that has gone into the design process with any architectural or interior project, architectural photography not only documents the space itself, but tells the story of the designers in-depth creative concept, how the light interacts with the structure and space, and the structures relationship with it’s environment. It’s the big picture and the small. With an extensive background in Interior Styling & Design, Little White lies has the ability to see a space and it’s details just slightly different than most.

Professionally documenting your architectural and interior work is imperative to show potential clients your style and the quality of past projects at their best.



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