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The Gold of Royalty

Welsh gold is so precious that it has been used by Royalty since 1911. Clogau includes a touch of this very same gold within each piece of its jewellery, creating an esteemed association with the British Royal Family. For more information, see The Gold of Royalty.


Clogau today

Clogau has moved on since 1989, from a team of 3 employees (who were also miners), to now employing around 50 people to operate its North Wales head office. William’s son, Ben, became Managing Director of Clogau in 2007:

“It never fails to amaze me when I think back to the early days of Clogau, nearly 20 years ago. I was a young boy but I can remember my father being hugely excited about a gold mine he had discovered in the wild Snowdonia mountains. I didn’t quite understand what all the fuss was about at the time but as I grew up I would always be inspired by his passion and dedication.

“As the story of Clogau continues to unfold there’s one thing that will always remain – our dedication and love for permanently capturing this beautiful Welsh gold in the most unique pieces of jewellery. That’s what Clogau is all about.” says Ben.







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